There is Hope When Your Faith Runs Out.

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Adult Sunday Services -10:30 am
Kids Worship Services – 10:30 am
Nursery Care – 10:15 am
(We are requiring face masks and social distancing at this time.)

(Most services average approx. 1 hour)
Everyone Is Welcome – Come as you are.
– Building is accessible for the disabled.
– Worship materials & music lyrics are
viewable on two fullly digital monitors.

Located at
22600 Mather St Rockwood, MI 48173
(Near I-75 & Huron River Dr)

The Inviting Spirit! * The First Church Building Block For Growth * Luke 14:12-14

We Are A Bible Believing Church
Where Christ Is Blessing One Soul at a Time!

What’s New For 2022!

My friends as disciples of Jesus Christ we are always on a new journey day after day, ever since that day we asked the Lord to forgive us and said I believe in you Lord, you are my Savior, you died on a cross to save me from all the punishment of my sins, you washed me clean. Day after day your spirit transforms my heart and guides me on my Christian journey of newness and awareness, as I seek to bring glory to your kingdom.

My friends I believe that 2022 is an important year for our Church growth, especially if we think about how our lives, have all been turned upside down over these past two years. We know that the Lords Holy Spirit will provide us with many new opportunities to serve God’s kingdom throughout the new year. It’s important we understand that the Lords Spirit is always working and is always way out in front of us softening the ground to help us achieve Christ great commission.

In 2022, we will focus on a new growth plan for our Church that will leverage our belief in Jesus Christ (as our Cornerstone) by allowing Christ transforming Spirit to use us as His living stones (as His Disciples).

Our new growth plan for 2022 will follow five church building blocks that will transform are thoughts, our messages, our teams, and our actions as we work together (hand in hand) with Christ Spirit to build Gods Kingdom (RFCC) one living stone at a time. The five church building blocks are as follows:

  1. Invitation – The Lord’s Spirit will encourage each of us to regularly invite all those we know, love and those whose paths we cross, to come to the Christ Church. As disciples we will invite all people to experience the new way’s we worship the Lord at RFCC.
  2. Opportunities – As Christ Disciples we will focus our efforts on all the new possibilities / opportunities that Christ Spirit offers us each day rather than focus on the shortfalls, the world would say is wrong with our church.
  3. Commitment – As Christ Disciple we will to take ownership of our Church Covenant with Christ and one another.
  4. Our Congregational Way – We will leverage God’s discerning spirit which gives us the unique ability to listen and to ask questions of one another, about our thoughts, knowing that our minds are guided by God’s compassion and love for one another rather than (turning away) in disagreement. To know we can agree (to disagree) and still be loving brothers and sisters in Christ.
  5. To Use Our Gifts – We will forever focus on using our special gifts for the betterment of Christ Church (these are the gifts that we are blessed to have) rather than focusing on those things we don’t have (what the world considers as deficiencies). Do you know what your gifts are? How are you using your gifts to help Christ Church today?

In closing my friends, we are all on a new journey in 2022 with the help of the Lords Spirit. Is the Lords Spirit standing at your door, knocking on it, saying here I Am. How can I help you in 2022?  Our 2022 church growth plans include the Lord’s spirit, it includes our willingness to invite others to our church, it includes our willingness to take on new opportunities, it includes our ownership of the Church Covenant, it includes our Congregational Way to agree or (to disagree) with love for one another, and lastly it includes our willingness to use our gifts for Christ Church. My Friends when we do all these things in Christ name, we will be victorious, we will bring glory to Christ Kingdom, by serving God and one another day by day. Amen

In Christ We Serve,
Pastor Dave

Our Rockwood Pantry Is Open Monday, Jan 31st (1-3 pm)
Need AssistanceCall (734) 379-3711

We provide FREE toiletry products and food items to anyone in need.

Special Healing Service

Did you know if you heal your spirit, it can help you heal your body! As Gods children we are made up of both flesh and spirit. When we become (sick in the flesh) we go to our doctors to seek a cure for our sickness. However, many people never really think (that maybe) the reason why I’m sick is because (my spirit has become sick) and it needs to be healed, as well.

We Are Seeking Singers!

Do You Like to Sing?
If you do, help us make music an important part of our worship service at Rockwood First Congregational Church! Come and join our new 2020 choir program that will focus on singing in four-part harmony, as well as provide many opportunities for soloists, duets, trios and much more.

All voices are welcomed. We are seeking singers ranging in ages 12 years to 100+. No experience is necessary. Make new lifelong friends. If you are interested in becoming part of this special singing group, please call Pastor David Pniewski at Rockwood FCC (734) 379-3711.

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