Worship Services Schedule

All are welcome to join in the worship of the Lord in our peaceful and serene sanctuary!

Sunday Mornings
Kids Own Worship: 10:30 am (Postpone)
Adult Worship: 10:30 am (Online Only)

Special Services Throughout the Year

Regular worship services of the church are held year-round at 10:30am.  Services include music—both congregational singing and presentation of pieces by the choir or others.  The pastor prepares and presents a message or meditation that connects the meaning of scriptural texts with the contexts and commitments of the contemporary Christian community.  These messages and meditations often include humor, illustrations from present-day life, insight into the biblical text and the world in which it was written, and an invitation to respond to the claims of following Christ in our daily spiritual journeys.

There is no “dress code,” as such, required to attend worship services in our sanctuary.  We do ask that common sense be employed with regard to tastefulness and respectfulness, and that it be understood that worship is an opportunity to present our full selves before the Lord.  In all things, it is advised that one bring the best of him or herself into the time and space of the worship service.