Worship Schedule

Sunday’s Schedule
Adult Worship: 10:30 AM
Pilgrim 101: 10:30 AM

Come as God Created you (to be).
Let the Lord’s Holy Spirit touch you in our Beautiful Serene Sanctuary.
Together, We will Praise and Worship God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Our worship services leverage the latest integrated 70″ sanctuary monitors and a quadrophonic sound system. We projected all the words for the call to worship, invocations, Lord’s prayer, and scripture readings, all worship songs.   Our pastors prepares and presents a weekly bible based messages, pastoral prayers with quiet time (that allows) the Lord’s Holy Spirit to connect with all participants. Our pastor’s weekly message often include lots of real life stories that connect the scripture (of ages past) to how God’s Grace is touching, transforming and helping people in our world today.

Come as you are, all we ask is for all disciples of Jesus the Christ to use tastefulness and respectfulness, to always present the best of our self to Lord. Our ultimate goal is to always bring Glory to God in the Highest in our daily walk and our worship of the Trinity of God.